Art by Sumedha

Paintings, Photography

Where there is wisdom, there is light......

All the Holy Scriptures say that aware or not, we are all on an ethereal path in search of our inner peace.   The secret of successful living is the knowledge of self-realization that empowers and manifests itself in various ways.  Sumedha paints with this philosophy in her heart and with her brush.  

She has been painting since she was a child and began her formal training in Fine Art under the guidance of the renowned Indian artist, Kavita Jaiswal in 2002. 

Her paintings are in oils, acrylics and watercolors on Canvas and paper portraying the belief that active life rests on a foundation of thoughtful reflection. The form and color seems to exist for each other in a nurturing space, which gives the freedom to reflect on life even in the midst of urban chaos. Self introspection is the prevailing emotion which connects the visual together and lets the viewer enter a space and find his own self.